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Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California written by Al Weinrub is meant to help speed the transition from fossil fuel electric generation to renewable power. The publication argues that local, decentralized generation of electricity offers many benefits to California’s communities relative to large central-station solar or wind power plants in remote areas.

This publication identifies the factors that favor local decentralized generation of electricity: its economic benefits to local communities, its cost-effectiveness, its minimization of environmental impacts, its potential to rapidly meet renewable energy targets, and its increased system security.

The publication also identifies obstacles to local renewable power and outlines policies that can promote its development.

Community Power reflects the reality that all electric power is not equal: the impact of electric power production on our ecosystem and on our communities depends on the economic, environmental, and social conditions under which the electricity is produced. Thus, the impact on our communities of remote central-station renewable power and local decentralized renewable power are very different.

Al Weinrub, the author of Community Power, is a sustainable energy writer, analyst, and advocate. He is currently the coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, a Bay Area coalition advocating for local renewable energy, healthier sustainable communities, and clean energy jobs.