Al Weinrub is an activist and writer with an abiding concern regarding the role of technology in society. This  concern has led him to participate in many activist movements, in which social justice has been confronted by modern-day technology.  

He has applied his writing and activism to issues such as the misuse of science for war and profit, the politics of energy, and the struggle of working people for human rights and democracy. More recently he has turned his attention to the threat posed by global warming and climate chaos.

Al received a PhD in applied physics from Harvard University. His professional life has ranged from teaching physics and energy-related courses at several universities to union organizing. He has written many books and pamphlets, edited several national newsletters and magazines and has held national leadership roles in Science for the People, the Labor Network on Central America, and the National Writers Union, UAW 1981 AFL/CIO, of which he is still a member.

Al is currently the coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, a Bay Area coalition advocating for local renewable energy, healthier sustainable communities, and clean energy jobs.

You can find more of Al’s work here.



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